This blog is for lawyers who plan, negotiate and draft operating agreements for LLC formation clients.  The purpose of the blog is to share with readers the model operating agreement provisions, practice checklists, and ideas in Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements and Drafting Delaware LLC Agreements, my two Wolters Kluwer books on drafting LLC operating agreements; and to solicit reader comments on these materials.
This blog discusses:
  • Non-tax choice of entity and other basic business entity formation tasks;
  • LLC business organization law issues, including financial, fiduciary, member dissociation, buy-sell and dispute resolution issues;
  • Issues concerning operating agreement structure, format and style;
  • Professional conduct issues; and
  • LLC tax issues (which I will do my best to explain in non-technical plain English).
If you have suggestions for improving this blog, I will greatly appreciate hearing from you.
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